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Resin Bound – What you need to know

Resin Bound

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DALTEX Resin Bound is trusted and used by thousands of architects, specifiers, landscapers and driveway contractors throughout the UK. If you need help finding a DALTEX Resin Bound installer near to you, simply fill in the form below or call on 01629 636500. We’re also happy to help with any questions you have about Resin Bound!

Looking for a stunning new driveway that is beautiful and practical?

From traditional Victorian terraces to luxury new builds, the driveways of more and more homes across the UK are being transformed with Resin Bound surfacing.

A Resin Bound driveway adds instant kerb appeal and is well known for stopping passers-by in their tracks.

So, if you are considering a new driveway, patio or path for your property, here is everything you need to know about Resin Bound -  the fastest growing driveway solution in the UK.

Daltex Resin Bound Driveway
  • Natural stone with a smooth, flat and uniform finish
  • Fantastic choice of colour and texture to match any age and style of property
  • Colour stable and resistant to fading
  • Permeable and SUDS compliant - doesn’t require planning permission
  • Low maintenance - a simple jet wash will suffice
  • Slip resistant
  • Weed and frost resistant

Compared to other traditional driveway options such as block paving, cement or macadam, Resin Bound offers an unmatchable range of benefits

DALTEX dried aggregates are sourced from across the world.  They are meticulously dried and screened to produce a high quality product which, when combined with DALTEX UVR stable resin, delivers a beautifully consistent Resin Bound finish.

The DALTEX UVR Resin Bound System is produced to the highest quality standards and has been researched and independently tested in the laboratory and real-life applications to ensure strength, workability and performance. The DALTEX UVR System also comes with a 15-year Peace of Mind Product Quality Guarantee.

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Choose DALTEX - the UK's no 1 brand for Resin Bound

Resin Bound can be laid in intricate patterns and shapes to create your own truly unique design.

Perhaps you’re wanting clean lines with contrasting colours or you want to feature your house number or a logo or your initials....anything is possible with Resin Bound.

A driveway to match your personality

Resin Bound is permeable –  so no more ugly puddles as surface water drains through to the ground beneath.



Resin Bound doesn’t require planning permission. As a SUDS compliant solution, Resin Bound will not require planning permission, (as long as the sub-base is suitably prepared).


Resin Bound offers you endless colour choice. Yellows, golds, silvers, greys, creams, reds, pinks... it's over to you.


Resin Bound is versatile. That means you can make your driveway truly unique with  logos, shapes, patterns, house numbers - whatever you desire.


Resin Bound is slip and skid resistant. Installed with crushed glass for added slip resistance, Resin Bound also has no lipped edges so no tripping hazard.


Resin Bound  is ideal for any size of area. It is easily applied to slopes or steps so it can extend right up to your front door.


Resin Bound is weed resistant - so say goodbye to hours of hard work.


Resin Bound is low maintenance and easy to clean. A simple jet wash is all that is required.

Are you looking for a warm, golden hue to highlight the traditional brickwork of your home? Or are you set on a sharper, contemporary design for a modern property? 

The DALTEX BESPOKE range of Resin Bound gravels and aggregates offers a superb choice of 46 stunning colour blends. Each colour blend is made up of different aggregate sizes and textures and colours span the spectrum - from the richest reds to stylish greys to soft and subtle golden browns.

Discover the colour you want to come home to

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The time it takes to complete your driveway will vary according to its size and the amount of preparation required. A team of at least 3 is normally required and on average, around 70-150m2 is covered per day.
If you are comparing quotes, you should ensure that the companies are quoting for the same standard of installation. In particular, you should compare the depth the Resin Bound is being laid at (we recommend a minimum of 18mm for driveways), the type of resin being used – (UVR Resistant resin is the only type of resin we recommend), and the work being undertaken (e.g. how much preparation does the sub-base require?)
Costs will vary by installer and region but as a general guideline, a Resin Bound overlay will cost approximately £50-£80 per m2 (excluding any base preparation).

How much does a Resin Bound driveway cost?

Add instant kerb appeal and value to your property with a Resin Bound driveway

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The Unique Benefits of Resin Bound

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